We Value It All

by Kurt Willems Reprinted from the Summer 2017 edition of Shalom! DO WE REALLY mean that? As Brethren in Christ folks, we have this value—pursuing peace—that our world most desperately needs to see in real life. When applied consistently, it confounds the ideologies of any political party. This value pushes us to take the “all” with utter seriousness. […]

From Man of War to Man of Peace

by Ron Kramer Reprinted from the Summer 2017 edition of Shalom! I WAS BORN to be a soldier. Unknowingly trained from birth by my dysfunctional family, I adapted to conflict, chaos, and pain. To protect myself, I ignored and stuffed painful emotions. The benefits were that I appreciated order, functioned well in crisis, and became very resourceful at accomplishing […]

Horton Hears a Person: What Do You Hear?

by Lois Saylor Reprinted from the Summer 2017 edition of Shalom! MOST OF US know Dr. Seuss and Horton the floppy soft elephant from the Jungle of Nool who listens with great concentration to hear the wee voices of Who-ville. He saves their lives three different times at great personal cost and public ridicule from a sour kangaroo, her […]

A Congregational Conversation About Race

by Julie Weatherford I was recently asked to explain why Madison Street Church folks are interested in the topic of racism and to describe the kinds of things we’ve been doing to encourage conversation, discernment, and action around Jesus’ call to love across boundaries. I had to share some of our history in order to […]