We need to talk. We believe that dialogue will give us the courage and motivation to keep at the hard work we are given to do. We must shine bright — for each other and for the watching world.

This conversation will get kicked off with a story from Tracie Hunter, pastor at Western Hills Brethren in Christ Church in Cincinnati (our first African American senior pastor in the denomination) and the first African American elected Juvenile Court Judge in Hamilton County.

Her barrier breaking election (which she had to fight voter suppression in court to actually win) precipitated the full force of the white establishment in opposition to her and she is still fighting trumped up charges against her brought in 2014 by the corrupt powers that be. Her story illustrates the deeply entrenched racism present in several intersecting systems. We are grateful to her for sharing with us and grateful to BIC Great Lakes Bishop, Lynn Thrush, for coming along to introduce her.

Our previous meeting in May 2020

After her story there will be some time for questions then opportunities to share your own story of how you are participating in the nationwide anti-racist movement in smaller groups.

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