At our last Peace and Justice Project Shine Bright Storytelling Event, we heard Tracie Hunter’s story of racism and corruption in the court system in Hamilton County, Ohio (where she was the first black Juvenile Court Judge and still is a pastor at Western Hills Brethren in Christ Church, Cincinnati)

Much more about her case at

We have drafted some letters for you to use as templates to write your own letters in support of Tracie.

Letters to the Ohio Attorney General and Supreme Court of Ohio on behalf of Tracie Hunter


Dave Yost
Ohio Attorney General
30 East Broad St
14th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

Mr. Yost:

I am requesting an investigation into the appointment of Merlyn Shiverdecker and Scott Croswell as special prosecutors by Joe Deters when both lawyers were Joe Deters’ personal attorneys. It was a clear conflict of interest when Joe Deters secured a public contract for them to indict Judge Tracie Hunter. He hired them in violation of ORC 2921.43.  This allowed for an unfair process for Judge Hunter’s case and allowed for now proven false charges to be drawn.  Please start this investigation.

Thank you,

Phone Number


Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor
Supreme Court of Ohio
65 South Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431

Chief Justice O’Connor:

I am asking that you reinstate Judge Tracie Hunter’s law license. Due to lack of process and discrimination in treatment, her law license should be reinstated.  Please restore Judge Hunter’s law license.

Thank you,

Phone Number 

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