A Life of Proclamation, Pioneering, and Peacemaking

by Rod White, Circle of Hope, Philadelphia, PA John R. Mott died on January 31, 1955 after a long life of proclamation, pioneering, and peacemaking. He is one of the members of the church we don’t want to forget. Influential ancestors are inspiring if one remembers “comparisons are odious.” We have a great congregation of […]

The Church, Race, and Reconciliation

by Julie Weatherford In January 2019, a dozen or so of us from two Brethren in Christ churches (Crest Community and Madison Street Church, both of Riverside, California) participated in a gathering of about 150 people of a beautiful variety of races and ethnicities, called “Workshop 1.0: Church, Race and Reconciliation.” The workshop is offered […]

Tug of War

by Ryan Skove What does it look when churches in a city that are all at different points on the theological, social, and political spectrums come together at city hall in support of affordable housing for our homeless neighbors? It can be described by one word: powerful. This is what occurred on March 13, 2018 […]

What Do We Do With Sutherland Springs?

by Gary Mitchell and Brent Bever Love your enemies, yes. However, when churches are physically attacked, what should our response be? What if the violence of Sutherland Springs, Texas comes to our door? Sometimes it feels like this country is determined to find yet another difficult issue that divides us. Can we agree on anything? Do […]