A Life of Proclamation, Pioneering, and Peacemaking

by Rod White, Circle of Hope, Philadelphia, PA John R. Mott died on January 31, 1955 after a long life of proclamation, pioneering, and peacemaking. He is one of the members of the church we don’t want to forget. Influential ancestors are inspiring if one remembers “comparisons are odious.” We have a great congregation of […]

Tug of War

by Ryan Skove What does it look when churches in a city that are all at different points on the theological, social, and political spectrums come together at city hall in support of affordable housing for our homeless neighbors? It can be described by one word: powerful. This is what occurred on March 13, 2018 […]

Fourteen Favorite Ways to Twist the Gospel

“Fourteen Favorite Ways to Twist the Gospel” by Howard Snyder provides a balanced approach to understand the Gospel from both an Anabaptist and Wesleyan perspective. One of the reasons I appreciate Snyder is that he is a Wesleyan scholar who was deeply influenced by the Anabaptist tradition. You will see how these traditions comes together […]

The Logic of Holiness

by Andrew Thompson “The Logic of Holiness” by Andrew Thompson provides a brief synopsis of Wesleyan holiness, salvation that I find compelling. For Wesley salvation was  heart and life, inward and outward, personal and social and always in that order, never the other way around. Today, most theological traditions emphasize one or the other. For example, […]

We Value It All

by Kurt Willems Reprinted from the Summer 2017 edition of Shalom! DO WE REALLY mean that? As Brethren in Christ folks, we have this value—pursuing peace—that our world most desperately needs to see in real life. When applied consistently, it confounds the ideologies of any political party. This value pushes us to take the “all” with utter seriousness. […]