Peace and Justice Project


A grassroots movement of individuals and congregations affiliated with the Brethren in Christ Church in the U.S. which seeks to follow the call of God to pursue peace and justice.

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News & Events

Read more news and upcoming events happening around North America and the international community.

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Read from In Part magazine or get a glimpse at other organizations we’re affiliated with.

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Recent Articles

Handling Our Fears

by Jan Engle Lewis *Reprinted from the Spring 2016 edition of Shalom! A MISSIONARY COUPLE I came to know while living in Ecuador recently posted a Facebook link to a short clip by pastor/author Fr… June 22, 2016 Read More

Speaking the Truth in Love

by Ben White *Reprinted from the Summer 2015 edition of Shalom! I’M A PASTOR in South Jersey so, naturally, I go to Taco Bell a lot. It’s an “all things to all people sort of thing” – … June 22, 2016 Read More

Choosing to Love Our Enemies

by Kurt Willems *reprinted from the Summer 2015 edition of Shalom! THERE ONCE WAS a boy who lived in the tension between joy and pain; happiness and hurt; light and darkness. At an early age, hi… June 22, 2016 Read More